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‘The only thing predictable in life is it’s unpredictability’that perfectly applies to the topic I have brought you today which is the female hormonal cycle.

If you are a woman reading this now, you might have wondered how your hormonal changes affect your day to day life, your mood, your productivity, appetite and my favourite of all: your libido. I have been off the pill for the last couple of years (we are using condoms and prayers with Greg as our primary source of protection).

So over the pill free years my cycle has became more or less standard and my experiences with hormonal changes in my cycle became clearer. I now know when to schedule an important meeting, start a new project, not go near a shopping mall😅 or cancel everything and lock Greg in the bedroom with me.

If you are a guy reading this and you are just about to click the x, because you think this topic does not relate to you – let me ask you how much easier your life would be if you would chance the impossible to try and finally figure out the ‘why’-s in the woman next to you?

Either way I hope you will find my weekly blogs on the hormonal cycle helpful to have a deeper understanding what goes on in your body week by week.

Let’s start by determining what are the 4 phases of our cycles: menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. To avoid being too scientific and keep it as an easy read, I am going to be referring to them as winter, spring, summer and autumn.
That also perfectly describes how you feel during each week.

I am going to start with the dullest season and slowly work the way up to the ‘femme fatale’ days of the month.

Stick around and watch out for my weekly updates on the blog.

Would you like to know why you are attracted to completely different types of men during your cycle?
All that and more coming in next week’s post.

And I saved the best for last! To help you appropriately release all the sexual tension and to get the latest trends in couple’s treats, I am going to recommend you my weekly toy picks to suit your mood!

Until then, Happy Browsing😈