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Whenever it comes to wand massagers, I just can’t get that super funny Sex and the City scene out of my head when Samantha returned her ‘neck massager’ to the local electrical shop saying it failed to get her off🙈


Well, luckily that is absolutely not the case with this beauty. The Shaka Wand Massager has a designated place in my bedside drawer, in my luggage whenever travelling and equally in my heart. There are days when you just want a little ‘surface pleasure’ – OMG did I say little? I meant epic pleasure!
The three different vibration and five speed settings give you an endless variety of stimulus. Try it on low and work your way up gradually, do take your time while you’re discov


ering what feels good. And where feels good, because I personally use it on at least three other areas on my body, excluding my neck…
I will leave that to your imagination😉


I give this product a 10/10. It is not only the sexiest looking massager I have ever seen but the enjoyment you get from playing around with it is just unbelievable.


📣So much so that I have decided to give one away to a lucky person.
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One thing for sure guys, you will not want to bring it back…ever!💋





Lilly 💖