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Discrete intimate douche



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This complete douche head set is perfect when you want to be guaranteed of a thoroughly clean feeling in a quick way. The set includes a deluxe douche head with 5 spray settings, a flexible hose, a connector for the shower faucet and a flexible silicone attachment for anal use. The douche head provides a discreet storage space for the intimate douche. With one simple act you can make it appear and evidently store it just as quickly. The intimate douche is also easily detached for cleaning. Make sure it is completely dry before you put it back.

This set can be connected to most shower faucets but to ensure compatibility, we recommend you carefully checking the provided dimensions and compare them to your own connection.
-the shower hose connection point for the the shower faucet has a diameter of 1.9 cm.
-the total length of the shower hose is 144 cm.
-the intimate douche has 5 openings and a length of 12.7 cm. The insertion depth is 10 cm. The maximum diameter is 1.78 cm.

Please note: Are you using the intimate douche both anally and vaginally? Always make sure you thoroughly clean the inside and outside with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner in order to minimize any (harmful) bacteria.