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Let’s talk about an activity which is proven to reduce stress, release tension, enhance sleep quality, boost concentration, elevate mood, relieve menstrual cramps, alleviate pain and last but not least improve sex.
All those and more are just some of the health and mental benefits of regular masturbation.

So why do we still feel ashamed of doing it? You might worry that masturbation conflicts with your religious or cultural beliefs and you may experience feeling of guilt. However masturbation is not immoral or wrong and there is nothing to be ashamed of pleasing yourself.

There are certain myths that surround this topic and I have to assure you that you won’t have hairy palms and neither you’ll go blind.

Through masturbation, you get to discover your body, what feels good. And that is amazing and should be encouraged rather than feeling guilty about it.
Some couples even worry that their relationship must be unsatisfying if either one of them masturbates; this too, is a myth.

A study found that women who masturbated had happier marriages compared to those who didn’t.

Like everything, it has side effects too. You could, of course experience tender skin if you go rough, but this will usually heal in few days. If you feel like masturbation disrupts your daily activities and you miss important events, miss going to work or school then definitely talk to someone about it, seek professional help, consult with a sex therapist as it may also help with coping strategies for excessive masturbation.

Masturbation is harmless and in fact the most important tool to discover our body. Enhanced stimulation such as using a vibrator, may increase arousal in both men and women. Women reported improved sexual function and lubrication while men experienced an improvement in erectile function.

So let’s dedicate some time in our everyday life for a little ‘one some’!

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