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Lilly here, back with the topic of the female hormonal cycle and this weeks phase/season is the pre-ovulatory phase but to avoid sounding too scientific I am going to be referring to it as spring🌸

Because it feels like spring, the nature is awakening, trees are blooming, the sun is shining,

birds are chirping and you are ready for adventures.

This is generally week 2 of the menstrual cycle. By this phase, you’re out of your period cave, your energy levels start to rise, you’re becoming more active, your skin and hair naturally start to look better.

When you are in your inner spring, you feel fresh and ready to engage with the world again, you might be the most creative during this week of your cycle. You’re estrogen is rising. It’s probably the best time to open an app and start swiping right (if you aren’t already with Prince Charming of course) or going to a bar to flirt with guys (but that unfortunately is pretty much a sci-fi movie scene since March 2020)


In this phase you generally are more productive and focused. You want to get things done, organise, plan. It could mean an extra project at work or getting the spring cleaning out of the way, clean the car, wash the dog – you may experience extreme tidying and ‘nesting’ behaviours, thank your low progesterone levels for that. You might realise you’re putting more thought and effort into your makeup routine or choosing what to wear for the day. Your inner spring could be a great time to start a new hobby or dance classes (because you totally start feeling like Carmen Electra).

This is the season when you probably feel the most experimental and even if you don’t get a match on T or Prince Charming is working overtime you can still get yourself a funky new toy and start your bedtime adventures solo. More accurately it would be a threesome😈

So I never had the pleasure for a real experience but I wondered a lot and I have a sense that you probably did too my sweet, innocent reader about what it would be like to…double…

My toy suggestion for this week is the 25cm Double Dildo which not only looks yummy but it could give you the most explosive climax of your life!

Thank me later😉

Next week I am going to be back with the peak season, every girls favourite and the dream season for men, the ovulation or how I like to refer to it, the summer.

Also we are going to be discussing how hormone changes affect your choice of guys😍 so stay tuned!

Lilly 💖