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Lilly’s Secrets

Welcome to Lilly’s Secrets. Ireland’s leading Adult Store.      Can you keep a secret?

Lilly’s Secrets

Welcome to Lilly’s Secrets.

Ireland’s leading Adult Store.
Can you keep a secret?

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Lilly’s Pick of the Week

Mindful Masturbation

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you switched everything off (even your phone) you locked yourself in the bedroom and reconnected with your body alone, without any distractions? Let me guess, you can’t even remember yourself. We live in a super fast paced...

Easytoys 25cm Double Dong Review

Realistic Double Dildo with suction cup Are you like me, that you always wondered what a threesome would be like (with two guys) but never had the guts to try it? I completely understand your concerns. Sometimes we better indulge in our fantasies, especially if it’s a...

Hello again My Lovely Readers,

  Lilly here, back with the topic of the female hormonal cycle and this weeks phase/season is the pre-ovulatory phase but to avoid sounding too scientific I am going to be referring to it as spring🌸 Because it feels like spring, the nature is awakening, trees are...

The only thing predictable in life is it’s unpredictability

'The only thing predictable in life is it’s unpredictability'that perfectly applies to the topic I have brought you today which is the female hormonal cycle. If you are a woman reading this now, you might have wondered how your hormonal changes affect your day to day...

Let’s talk about an activity which is proven to reduce stress

Let’s talk about an activity which is proven to reduce stress, release tension, enhance sleep quality, boost concentration, elevate mood, relieve menstrual cramps, alleviate pain and last but not least improve sex. All those and more are just some of the health and...

Hello My Lovely Bunnies,

Easter is around the corner and who said you can’t celebrate it in the bedroom as well? Now it’s the perfect time to talk about rabbit vibrators🐰 I can’t wait to tell you more about my first choice which is perfect for beginners but intermediate dual pleasure seekers...

Happy International Women’s Day to all my Lovely, Sexy Ladies!

Did you know that International Women’s Day was planned on 6th of March but the women took two days to get ready🤷‍♀️ That’s how it got postponed to 8th of March!!! Men's day was also planned, but as usual they forgot the date!🤣 So let’s forget about men for today and...

Shaka wand massager

Whenever it comes to wand massagers, I just can’t get that super funny Sex and the City scene out of my head when Samantha returned her ‘neck massager’ to the local electrical shop saying it failed to get her off🙈   Well, luckily that is absolutely not the case...

Zuna Couples Vibrator

Are you guys looking for something to bring your encounters to the next level? Look no further, the Zuna Couples vibrator will soon become your go-to toy when you want to spice things up. Let me introduce this waterproof, couples vibrator to you which is especially...